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LATEST NEWS: VKSA Spain Update: EVENT POSTPONED until SUNDAY. We have been tracking the wind all week, Friday was originally the best option – but the forecast is getting worse. We have taken the decision to move the event to Sunday to benefit from the Levante wind arriving over the weekend. We apologise of course for the inconvenience, but we want the event to be a huge success and we want the best possible conditions to run the event. There is a real risk of no wind at all on Friday, which means we feel this is the best decision for the event and all participants. Everyone who had registered will be contacted by email today with all details. THERE ARE STILL A FEW PLACES LEFT TO REGISTER BELOW. Thank you and see you all on Sunday.

I want to register on the day (only email address required now - and remember the event is FREE now if you don’t need the rashie and BBQ, just add your email here and come down and break a World Record!)

I want to complete full online registration in advance and pay 20E for my rashie and BBQ (takes 3 minutes)

The Virgin Kitesurfing Armada Spain will be held at Los Lances Beach, Tarifa on the 29th August 2014. The event will give all kitesurfers the chance to become Guinness World Record breakers, by aiming to break the record for the ‘Largest Parade of Kitesurfers’ and raise funds for good causes at the same time.

The registration fee for the Virgin Kitesurfing Armada Spain is 20€ and will include participation in a mass downwinder along the coastline of Tarifa with safety boat support, live GPS tracking, limited edition event rash vests, shuttle services to and from the Best Pro Centre and a huge party to close the event. Sign up today and join Gisela Pulido and other pro kitesurfers at this amazing event  - and become a kitesurfing World Record Breaker!

If you haven’t heard about the Virgin Kitesurfing Armada yet, the first event set the World Record last year in the UK, when Sir Richard Branson lead 318 kitesurfers on a downwinder from Hayling Island beach. Virgin made a short  film about the event – watch it below for an overview of what the Kitesurfing Armada is all about.

Virgin are again supporting this first ever Spanish Kitesurfing Armada as Title Sponsors, along with Headline Sponsors Zed Technologies and Best Kiteboarding. The plan for the event  is to try to register over 318 kitesurfers in just 3 weeks, and then get everyone down to the Best Pro Centre in Tarifa on the 29th August and attempt to break the World Record with everyone completing a fantastic downwinder from Valdevaqueros to Los Lances Beach.

The event is open to all intermediate kitesurfers – in other words you are fully confident riding upwind and downwind with confidence, you can self rescue from the water if you need to and feel happy riding in the sea conditions at Tarifa.

Overview of the Event

Then on the day of the event, we meet at 9am at the Best Pro Centre, Carretera Nacional 340, Km 81,5 11380 Tarifa, Cádiz. As you can see from the photos below, it is the perfect base for the event and party afterwards!


Best Pro Centre

(Best Pro Centre, Tarifa)

Everyone will need to check in, receive their rash vest, rider wristbands, kite gear identification bands and GPS tracking device. There will be a welcome from Gisela Pulido and other VIP’s kitesurfing with us, before a mandatory event safety briefing at the back of the Best Pro Centre for all riders.

When we are confident the wind is suitable to ride the downwinder, we will all set off to the launch zone. We will arrange bus shuttles and travel up to Valdevaqueros to launch from there.

Buddy System

We operate a buddy system, which means you kite in groups of 2 people. This is just an extra safety precaution so you can look out for each other on the downwinder. We ask you on the registration form to list your buddy if you know them. If not, don’t worry, you can link up with people on the day who you can ride with.

Launch Zones

When you check in on the day of the event at the Best Pro Centre, you will be given your launch zone. A, B, C, D etc.  After the safety briefing we will all move to the launch zone.  You should go with ONLY your kite and gear and a pump to share. (Pumps will be returned to the Pro Centre for you after you set off!) Everything else can be left safely at the Best Pro Centre – so bring all the kites you need to the event so you can make the right choice.  At the beach, the zones will be clearly marked with flags and you go to your launch zone where someone will greet and you and tell you where to set up. Their will be a launch team for each zone, and its important nobody else launches any kites except these guys!

The World Record

When the event begins – with a big air horn blast – launch teams will begin launching kites from their zone.  The very first mile on the water is the World Record attempt. It will be clearly marked. We need to get everyone down this mile in order to achieve the World Record. When you come out the end of the mile, you can of course carry on down the rest of the downwinder at your own pace and with your buddy. Please don’t jump or do tricks in the World Record mile! Lets just get this done safely  and without incident. Then afterwards of course you are free to ride more freely.

GPS tracking

Between you and your buddy you will have one  GPS tracker which will be live  - and there will be a website where friends and family can watch the tracking live. The link will be shared a week before the event.


If you are not kitesurfing but want to be involved, we would love help form volunteers! On the beach, at registration, at the party – we will buy you your BBQ dinner and a beer from the bar to say thank you! Please contact julia@kitesurfingarmada.com or fill out the volunteer registration form if you would like to get involved.

Child Safety

The event if open to those aged 17 and older BUT if you are an adult that wants to kite with your children / other young people, and you are confident about their level, we can register you if you fill in a form confirming you are fully responsible for them – so please email us for details.

What does my 20€ Registration Fee Cover?

  • An event rash vest to keep
  • Safety boat support over 4 miles
  • GPS tracking of you and your buddy
  • Transfers back to the party at the Best Pro Centre
  • Rider wristband enabling tracking of all kiters and their gear
  • A huge party including BBQ, hosted at the Best Pro Centre with presentation and awards.
  • The chance to be a World Record holder!

It is going to be an awesome event and after party - so sign up today!

A little about fundraising

We love the idea of bringing kitesurfers together, breaking a World Record and having an amazing time doing the sport we love.  But we also love raising funds for good causes, and through the event we will be supporting the Kitesurfing Armada Trust, Virgin Unite and a local Spanish Charity. There will be an auction of amazing kite gear at the party, some games to help raise funds and maybe some promo drinks which will help support our charities. All good fun, and thank you for your support!

Yes! I want to do the Kitesurfing Armada Spain! How do I register? 

If you would like to be part of the first ever Virgin Kitesurfing Armada Spain we would love you onboard. There are two ways to register:

1. You can register on the day of the event between 7am and 9am at the Best Pro Centre, Tarifa. All we need now is your email address, so add it here and we will see you on the day! (The Best Pro Centre will also be open for registrations on the 2 days before the event, 9am-5pm – just drop in and sign up)

2. Full online  registration – it only takes 3 minutes and is recommended as it will save you time and enable you to arrive later on the day, from 9am onwards. Register below:

KSA14-spain-ident2 (3)


Fill out my online form.